Aline Engineering designs, installs and maintains systems for HVAC control, building automation and electrical control. We work with leading brands like Innotech to ensure you have access to the latest in building automation and control technology, and your system can adapt and evolve with your needs.

Our experience is extensive, with two decades of working with Sydney corporate, government, commercial and industrial clients to provide them with smarter automation and control solutions.

Because we also design, install and maintain HVAC systems for clients of all shapes and sizes, we understand the automation and control requirements intimately and can deliver a completely seamless solution.

Innotech Controls

Innotech Control Systems are an Australian company that has been at the forefront of building automation & control for over 30 years.

We choose to work with Innotech Controls for their powerful, robust and reliable solutions that provide our clients with the best outcome now and into the future. The flexibility of the technology allows us to tailor solutions that deliver precisely controlled environments for our clients, cost effectively and with the assurance that it will be supported by us and Innotech Controls for the long term.