Performance Testing

Performance Testing

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ClimaCheck PA Pro Performance Analyser is a powerful tool for technicians and engineers alike when analysing and testing air conditioning, refrigeration, heat pumps and chillers in the field. The air conditioning & refrigeration performance values are updated in real time allowing the operator to see how the system is performing whilst operating.

ClimaCheck is available as a field test portable unit, which is easily setup onsite or as a permanently installed analyser monitoring your equipment. When it comes to cooling and heating systems, performance verification and commissioning the ClimaCheck provides HVAC&R consulting engineers and technician’s unbiased documented data.

ClimaCheck is a superb analytical tool to carry out pre and post checks when retro fitting & tuning refrigeration system. ClimaCheck is also ideal for bench marking new air conditioning and refrigeration installation performance values for future reference or as a service tool to aid in diagnosing faults.

Proper commissioning and maintenance is the most “low-hanging fruit” to improve reliability and decrease cost of operation. Decreased energy consumption reduces emissions of climate gases. The benefits of ClimaCheck show that there is an average saving potential, without significant investments.

Industries which can benefit from the use of ClimaCheck are commercial air conditioning application, computer rooms, data centres, commercial and industrial refrigeration plants, large cool rooms, freezer rooms and process cooling plants, heavy industrial applications such as mining, oil and gas as well as marine and shipping industries.

What are the benefits of ClimaCheck?

  • Optimising refrigeration system performance
  • Helps to reduce power consumption, power bills
  • Reduce carbon foot print
  • Early warning of pending system failures
  • Bench marking of existing system performance
  • Analysis and document performance in real time
  • Helps you save money